BB Blackdog......and the operator says twenty cents more...

   Some excellent comments picked up from the Club Antichrist Show on Friday and for anyone in and around London, you will not have to wait too long before they are back, April 13(whoops, that is a Friday) at The Archangel on Kensington High Street.

   The following night, i think fair too say, a good time had by all at the "Charity Horror Ball" at The Black Market.

   No live outings this week as the band ready themselves to set sail for the new world (well OK a flight to Denver).

   Talking of sailing and once again BB Blackdog beset by the lack of the plain version. It transpires the booker in The States thought his assistant had sorted some extra gigs and his assistant thought the reverse, or something. All leaving Dale dialling long distance, to try and pick up some late slots! So if anyone within reasonable distance of Colorado/Texas knows of a venue, give Dale a shout on

   On the good news front," What You Need" is edging it's way up the Reverbnation national alternative chart, currently residing at 48.

   At Pledgemusic, steady progress is being made. If you have not yet seen what is available, have a look at for the curios available, from limited edition releases and artwork, through rayguns and ipod Nanos(sounds like some cyberpunk contraption) containing the entire musical catalogue plus extras, to a signed bass, VIP annual show pass and a really nice actual metal butterfly from the front cover of album No 1. And thankfully memories and the memorabilia which prompt them are recession proof in any climate.

   So, what is it all for? Well to complete the second album, all the actual recording is done, so it is to fund mixing etc. The picture above may be the actual image used for the front cover (or not)?
   The balance is for the creation of three videos, one to be produced in Canada, another in the UK probably filmed in Derbyshire and the third currently destined for Germany potentialy featuring a vintage fire engine and fire station.

   On the subject of videos, i had a preview of the first edits from The Snooty Fox and whichever song is finally chosen for the next release, it should be good. All the footage reflects an excellent performance on a superb night.



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