BB Blackdog-In The Lone Star State

  Picture courtesy of Alan Sperry & Mile High Feedback

    Well here we are in Texas, and with a three piece about to take to the stage two beard sporting bass players and a beardless drummer - Ladies and Gentlemen it must be no...BB Blackdog.

   I do recall ZZ Top touring Europe many years ago with a Texas shaped stage. Whilst it was considered to return the favour, it transpires, due to a highly complex mathematical equation, that a combination of Derbyshire and Schleswig-Holsteien results in a perfect rectangle anyway.

   So exciting performances and appreciatve receptions all round in Colorado and thanks again to Marguerite and The Great Plains Steampunks for looking after the guys.

   Following  a drive Southwards and Eastwards akin to one of those road movies, the band arrive at Dallas/Fort Worth where they are due to meet up with The Steampunk Illumination Society.

   From there it is onwards to the East Texas city of Jefferson, recognised as being the state's most haunted, for The Nightmare Machine weekend, which appears to be a well themed event reflecting it's title.

  Apart from convention sessions,films and live performance, there are ghost walks, late night treasure hunts, carriage, steam train and steamboat rides. Oh and some cross-cultural stuff involving The North Texas Dieselpunks !

   Musically on Saturday BB Blackdog share the bill with Marquis Of Vaudeville, My Wooden Leg, Darwin Prophet and The Chronus Mirror and Sarasvati Bodhisattva offering a highly eclactic mix of styles.



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