Steampunkin' - Space rockin' - Fishpondin' - Snooty Foxin' - Labour Clubbin' - Speed Datin'- Low Blowin' - Music Teachin' - What You Needin'....... BB!

         A distinct hint of spring in the air as we venture into March and whilst there are no  full band gigs in the upcoming weeks, three opportunities exist to catch Dale at some excellent and varied gigs.

        I know Dale has been airing some more of the BB songs as solo versions at the weekly open mic nights he hosts weekly on Monday nights at his local, The Bulls Head, Belper Lane End, so you can expect an increased smattering of these alongside the usual covers at the forthcoming gigs.

       First up is this Friday, March the 6th at The Fishpond Matlock Bath, when Dale will be opening for old friends Satnam's Tash, who have also gained themselves a high reputation as a unique and talented 3 piece since reforming in 2008, playing a combination of there own material and covers in a genre defying manner.

    There is no admission charge and "The Pond" always has some great ales on. so what's not to like. All gets going from 8.30pm

      On Saturday the 21st it is to The Snooty Fox on Wakefield's Kirkgate, one of BB's more played venues, for a gig organised by local to the area band, Return To Chaos.

       Indeed it is to be the return of the band after a fifteen year absence. The band made quite an impact in the area during the late nineties with a spacerock sound tinged with reggae, culminating in the release of their Tubular Bongs album.

       Completing the line up, for a full night beginning at 7.30pm, for just £4,  is the really excellent Roz Bruce Infusion, a three piece from Burton on Trent, who have made a lot of friends on last years festival circuit.

       A little further into the future ( unless of course time actually is relative! ) see's Dale appearing at "Steampunk At The Lab" with two of Steampunks genuine stalwarts in Birthrite and home town Gladstone.

      Home town being Northampton and the venue The Labour Club on Charles Street. The event includes daytime workshops and activities and all a snip at £5.

       I can think of at least four occasions when Birthrite and Gladstone have all been on the same bill with BB in the past, so it will be great to catch up once again.

       Away from gigging, must say, having had a sneak preview, how impressive the poster work for the No.3 album looks even in a smaller version. I know it has taken Dale a quite staggering amount of time to work on the 2000ish images that people sent in, however trust me, it has been well worth it. Can't wait to see the finished article.

       Also speaking of albums, there is now a wide selection of the best in Steampunk and Baltic Coast Pirate albums available alongside BB's at Steampunk Records Shop, so worth checking the shiny new site at




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