A Rough Guide To Europe (Steampunkam Style)

          A splendid time had by all during at last months short tour with The Big Fibbers and Dale with a particularly large and receptive crowd at The Bulls Head.

          Nothing planned for February, so with The Big Fibbers safely back in London, plenty of time for livers to recover.

          With a quiet month ahead, a little time to reflect upon Dale's solo tour of Europe last November.

         What would have been an uneventful drive to Amsterdam, was somewhat marred by a ferry booking error, in so much as they were expected at Dunkirk to travel to Dover!

         Ho hey! Nothing that a little time and a £55 administration charge will not fix!

         After a short stop over in Amsterdam meeting Karin's relations for a family wedding it is onwards to Bad Segeberg to pick up Lord Montague Jaques Fromage III and take a little time out to catch up with Sven.
       The first gig proper ( there was an impromptu solo slot for family and friends back in Amsterdam), was the above Steampunk Halloween night in Oldenburg at the excellent Cadillac venue with separate market area, an outdoor food court and highly professional gig room which was packed with some three hundred revelers.

       Both Dale and Monty were well received and local  favourites Off Limits, offering up their Steampunk rock/folk,  went down a storm.

     Many Thanks to Marco Neumann of the band for being a splendid host.

       Sunday saw an appearance at the highly renowned ZauberTrank in Hamburg, the English translation is MagicDrink and the fascinating bar/shop/brewery/winery is certainly well named, as you can see in this little You Tube clip


       The proprietor Hans-Georg is an old friend from the trips top the Aethercircus Steampunk Festival at Stade, just to the north of Hamburg. So after catching up with news and topping up with Hans-Georg's wares Dale plays to a relaxed and receptive audience at the intimate venue.

       More kilometres  on the dial and it is time to catch up with Berlner Steampunk Monokelpop artist Daniel Malheur, more drinks and a grand tour of the city ensue before a Wednesday night appearance at 12 Grad, Berlin's Steampunk bar.

An acoustic set goes down well with a small but enthusiastic crowd and Dale really likes the place, so mental note for a return visit.

A long drive on Thursday for a gig at The Hexenkessel in Oldenburg in Holstein. This is home ground for BB in Germany, so the place is packed even on a Thursday for a sol slot. In fact Dale rates The Hexenkessel (Witches Cauldron) as one his favourite bars in the world, if not the favourite.

I guess Dale must be pretty well known there too, if you type the name of the bar and the town into a Yahoo search, this vintage image of Dale appears.

It is also where the video for Music Saves Me , was made, it also appears in the video for BB BackDog and the Steal Thee Show film.

An overnight drive to Arnhem follows to meet up with Tessa in readiness for Emporium Vernesque, now in it's third year and flowing from strength to strength with over three hundred present.

Monty is on MC duties and Dale is judge and jury for the tea dueling, nice to meet up with Drachenflug , Jacklyn Hyde, who is over trading her leather goods and friends old and new from across the continent. The Men Who... and Schwartzblut bring the event to a close and a good time is had by all.

It's easy to pick out Dale and Monty in the assembly, they're the ones wearing the goggles!

A Sunday chill with Tessa and friends, involving some crazy 11% Belgian beers brings the jaunt to a close, in time to recover for Monday's drive back to Derbyshire.  


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