Full Steam Ahead!

       It is said, that what does kill something makes it stronger and at least a portion of Alt Fest is still alive, which must therefore bode well for "Full Steam Metal Racket", which is taking it's phoenix like shape as this blog is penned.

       A week of rumours, waiting, concern and ultimately an obvious disappointment at Alt Fest's demise can now be replaced with an optimistic air and hasty arrangements for the new venture.

       No mileage in dwelling upon what went wrong. Suffice to say that if nothing more malicious than a degree of naivety was involved, we probably should move swiftly on.

      It appears that the varying ticketing agencies used are making preparations for refunds and hopefully, most people who  spent more than £100 on their Kickstarter pledges should be entitled to recompense from their credit card companies under something by the title of Section 75. So hoping all goes well on that score.

     A quick mention before moving on to the new event that there is a full BB/Lord Monty show at The George and Dragon in Belper, Central Derbyshire this coming Friday, August the 8th. The George is on the left hand side of The A6, about five minutes from the bus station, towards Matlock. Belper is served by The Trent Barton "Sixes" bus services.

    So what is "Full Steam Metal Racket" all about.

    Essentially taking the essence of "The Steampunk Experience" arena from AltFest and relocating to the dramatic surrounds of The Workhouse near Llanfilyn in Powys.

     The shifting logistics have meant that some bands cannot make the transition, whilst some new names have been added, primarily Friday night headliners Skreamer, a young London band, making serious ripples in the metal scene.

     May get chance to have a little preview of whose playing next week, for now check out either the new website, which is currently under construction or the facebook event page.

    The event still occupies the same August 15th-17th period and whilst it retains a high Steampunk content, the festival is by no means exclusive. Some may hold the inappropriate view that Steampunk is something of a closed shop. This could not be further from the truth, they are a friendly crew, so do not be put off by their dress, just come attired as you feel fit and enjoy.

Tickets are £25 for the weekend or £10 for a day. Camping is £10 for the weekend.

   Accommodation is also available in the bunkhouse at £30 for the weekend.

  There are also some other local accommodation ideas on the venues website.

  The trains can get you as far as Welshpool, then it is a about a ten mile trip on Tanat Valley Coaches 76 service. This is not a frequent service,you can always check out the facebook event to try for a lift though.

Event website-http://fullsteammetalracket.co.uk/

Event facebook page-https://www.facebook.com/events/239384216202258/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular

The Workhouse website-http://llanfyllinworkhouse.org/

Tanat Valley Coaches service 76 timetable-http://www.tanat.co.uk/express-timetable.php?id=76







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