Alt- Who Goes There?

            The initial reason for this week's blog was to start previewing the upcoming Steampunk Experience at Alt Fest set for August 15th-17th. However due to recent developments we will refrain for now.

           However unless you were holidaying on Ganymede yesterday and the laservid service was down, you will no doubt have seen the media activity suggesting the whole event is cancelled.

           Whilst it would be both imprudent and unproductive to enter into any further rhetoric it is clear that at least some problem exists,which has not been conveyed to the organisers of "The Steampunk Experience"

         Suffice to say that all we know for certain is, that we know nothing for certain.

         The rumors, however unsubstantiated they maybe, are strong enough, that Dale and the other Steampunk organisers are looking at alternatives to ensure that at least "The Steampunk Experience" element remains alive.

        One can remain fairly confident in the outcome, since this would not be the first time Dale has had to react to such a situation.

       If anyone remembers and i know many can never forget the ill fated Steampunk Extravaganza, promoted by non Steampunks at The Workhouse in Llanfylin a couple of years back, which was cancelled within 48 hours of the event.

       Dale rallied the troops at this extremely short notice to ensure neither The Workhouse or the fans were let down with The Phoenix Festival.

        Although it should never be mentioned in the same breath as the above, through not fault of the organisers and without any ill feeling, another opportunity for a full scale Steampunk music festival slipped away in Reading last year.

       So whether it transpires to be as part of AltFest or something new. With everyone pulling together in The Steampunk Spirit, let us ensure it occurs this year.

        Moving on for now, must mention a nice little event being lined up by The Steampunk Connection group and The Voodoo Mexican Cafe Bar in Darlington, this coming Saturday the 2nd of August.

       The day starts at 11am in the market place, where there will be Steampunk stalls and some promenading prior to a masked ball at The Voodoo, with live music from BB, disco and finger buffet for £15, details at

      Good company, nice setting, beer, mexican food and music, what's not to like there?

      A dash back to Derbyshire involved, since Dale has a solo slot at The Y Not Festival, on the hills above Darley Dale on the Sunday. Let us hope that the door is now at least ajar for an appearance by BB and maybe some other more alternative bands at this growing festival next year.



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