Auf Wiedersehen Pet!

          Two great gigs last weekend at The Victorian Valentine's Ball in Hanley in support of The s.o.p.h.i.e. foundation and fantastic to catch up with old friends Gladstone on Friday.

         Then with something of a contrast at The Dog and Doublet on Saturday with some of the space rock fraternity.  Dale not only playing with BB, also with a resurrection of "Captain Starfighter  and The Lockheeds" who first saw the light of day at the same venue over Christmas.

         On the back of this, the project, which looks to play space rock classics with a smile, has turned into an actual entity as a side venture for Dale and the others, who include members of Dr Hasbeen and Red Electra 69.

        Look out for a few gigs from the collaborators in the near future and check out the new facebook page at

      Axel and Dale are off to Germany again on the 26th for a couple of weeks writing and recording with Sven, material which should ultimately form album  No. 5.

     Yes enough material is already as the say "in the can" to constitute No's 3 and 4.

     That brings us seamlessly to No.2 and news that the cd version is now complete and with the manufacturers. No announcement until they actually arrive back at "The Dog Pound", however a March release now looks likely.

     Dale has a solo engagement on Sunday the 23rd at the superbly Victorian interiored , Bridge Hotel in Castle Square, Newcastle. It appears to growing more than coincidence now, that this is yet another another award winning real ale pub!

An informal Steampunk gathering, free of charge, starting at 1pm. If the event goes well a larger, more structured event could be on the cards for the grand old city on The Tyne.

With the Germany trip coming up the Monday night open mic session, which has been going from strength to strength after switching from Tuesday, will be suspended for a couple of weeks after the 24th.

Looks like we are out of time for putting something together specifically to mesh with  the "Steampunk Hands Around The World" project. A shame, would liked to have had the opportunity to reflect on some of the  Steampunk groups BB have worked with in The UK, US and across Europe.

Hopefully we will find time to capture something, if only, for our own edification in the future. With re-visits to Aethercircus and Emporium Vernesque already planned possibilities exist.

One would also like to think that the attraction of "The Steampunk Experience" at AltFest  this coming August in Northamptonshire, UK will also attract Steampunks from all parts of the globe.



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