Sun, Beer and BB

       Yes all the best ingredients for a great summer's day and add that to a fantastic vista of Derbyshire's lower dales as seen from The Bulls Head at Belper Lane End and there may be no better place to be on Saturday 6th.

       The forecast is for 25C plus, so don't miss this year's summer!

       It all kicks off around two in the afternoon, with some light hearted games and some acoustic sets including Stu Robinson and Dale.

      Later in the day Lord Monty the Third, who rather delightfully extended has extended his stay, will be adding a little of his very own "Steampunk Funk Bizarre" glitz and BB will be throwing in a full set.

      That great British, Japanese tradition the karaoke will be around to fill up the gaps. Always entertaining as day turns to night and those who threw in a passable rendition of something earlier, return after additional refreshment to prove that after a certain level of imbibement, you cannot carry a tune in a bucket.

      For those keen on their real ales, there lies another treat, in that The Shottle Farm Brewery is just next door., providing a range of beers straight to the pumps.

     A word of Thanks to everyone who made last weekend's Solstice a special event. Most things went well and for some small areas lessons learnt for next year.

     Not certain yet of next weekend's moves, due to The Steamboat at Long Eaton, changing ownership and thereby loosing it's interest in live music, a sad loss of a nice venue.

    One just added for the 20th, at old favourite "The Black Market" at Market Warsop.

    Nice interview in Fascinating magazine, with some descent questions.

    Leave you this week with how to get to The Bulls Head.

    Up until late afternoon the 113 bus service operates from Belper and Ashbourne

   Alternatively, it's not a bad walk from Belper, though a steepish hill is involved.

   Head out of Belper towards Matlock on the A6/Bridge Street, left at the traffic lights and over the river. Bare right onto Belper Lane, you can always treat yourself to a pre-hill pint at The Talbot, on the left. Carry on up Belper Lane passing(or not) The Hilltop pub on your right. All down hill then to The Bulls and it really is a "you cannot miss it"



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