"Every Good Dog Deserves Favour"

            Well another fine plan, shot down in flames. This week's blog was supposed to be bringing some word of mouth updates, however the meet up with Dale has had to postponed. A definite date with Dale, possibly Axel and some fine local ales on Sunday, so if anything coherent is said or remembered we will bring it to you next week.

            That being the case, it appears to makes sense of bringing the "Day Of The Dog" details forwards.

            So here is what is happening next Saturday, April 13th at The Fishpond in Matlock Bath.

            It is probably worth stressing that the bill has no hierarchy as such, merely times to suit.

           Doors are open from 1pm

            The show starts at 2pm when "Whiskey Bob Shaker" takes to the stage. It is well worth being there from the start to catch "Bob". For those not in the know, he creates a beguiling feel to his songs and his periodic use of cajon loop defies the depth of sound that can be made by just one man. Check out his cover of David Byrne's "Good and Evil below.


         At 3pm we will be treated to some fine renditions of both classic and more unusual punk and new wave covers by Belper's "Gripper and The Gurnards", the new home for ex BB bassist John Ferguson, now on drums. Caught live in the clip below at last year's Monster Raving Looney Party Conference, coutesy of Martin Jones


        At four we are up for "The King Bains" a rock/blues, drums and guitar duo, who have been treading the boards and building a good reputation since 2010. They are also finding favour with The Sonic Rock crowd. A little snippet from them at The Barley Mow(fest) 2011 captured by Jason Barker.


     5pm- A band needing no introduction to local fans it is Matlock's very own purveyors of Heavy Metal, 3 Second Fuse If you from out of the area, a chance to catch up with one of The best up and coming HM acts around. Abolutely love this vid of Iron Sky

     A short break at the conclusion of 3 Second Fuse's set to grab a bite.

    The music resumes at 6.30pm, with the enigmatic and genre defying sound of Birmingham's Crimson Clocks. With use of both oboe and violin, their cleverly crafted songs really creep up on you.
 A little taster of "Evil Genius" collected at Wakefield's "Snooty Fox" last Christmas.

     7.30 brings "Metropolis" to the stage, making the long journey from Suffolk to be with us. The 5 piece bring together in their own words "Sci Fi Nu Wave and Prog". It produces a multi-layered sound, conjuring up the same bleak, dystopian vision, as the film of the same name.

     There will be an auction, of some fine items, many of which are one off pieces, mostly for the more Steampunk orientated bidders after "Metropolis". You can check out some pictures on the event page on facebook. telephone bids are now being accepted.

     Music resumes at 9pm with the uncompromising sound of "Black Country Steampunk" as "Birthrite" hit the stage.With a foot in several musical camps, these chaps really know how to rock.  A high energy performance guaranteed .   http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ojD6J72qcqQ

     Gladstone are up next at 10pm. Travelling from Northants to be with us, Gladstone will regail you with tales of miscreants, mischief and misdeeds from our murky past, in a new wave/neo prog feel with maybe a hint a metal and a theatrical topping.  http://youtu.be/u6C0t115Hg4

    To conclude, at 11pm BB will play themselves. Despite reservations over wether they should play at all and if so, should they close the night, everyone else decided that they should on both counts.

    The live music will cease at midnight, however beer can and probably will be consumed for another hour.

    Clockwork Movement will be throwing some dance moves during proceedings at some point and it may just be possible for some musical collaborations.

    Thanks to all the absolutely wonderful people for their gifts of time,travel and talents.

Tickets and more information available at

                                   And if you are still reading at this point, here is something i managed to import                                    and have now idea, how to remove. Ah well you cannot beat                                   a pic of Gladstone's Dave Evilhutchins to end with.                     .


BB BlackDog said…
..,what an amazing support,...I'm not crying......(..yet)... ,got no words for that... :))

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