Psychedelic Steampunks (Disappear In Smoke)

A January fraught with varying illnesses within the band finally draws to end. Axel arrived back in the UK on Monday, with his old drum kit and last remaining bits of German based sound equpment, following close behind.
Dale has made a few tweeks to his old Rickenbacker and all his set, for the first show of the year, this Saturday 2nd February. Which will see Steampunks rubbing shoulders with the Psychedelic/Space Rock fraternity at The Grand Pavilion in Matlock Bath.
Seven piece Space Rockers Dr. Hasbeen, who have been treading the boards for the best part of twenty years will be taking the headlining slot at this year opener.
The remainder of the bill is most of "The Steampunk dream Ticket" bands lead by BB, destined to take the stage at 8.30. Preceeding that in the early evening Black Country Steampunks "Birthrite" and making the long journey from Bury St.Edmunds "Metropolis" will be putting the crowd through their paces.
In the later afternoon the delectable talents of Birmingham's "Crimson Clocks" and from just over the hill, Derbyshire's very own indefineable "Whiskey Bob Shaker"
Prior to this, the day commences at 11am with opening of The Market, plus activities and acoustic performances, culminating at two o clock, with Mike's fund raising body waxing.
Entrance is £10 after 6pm and free prior to that point. Full programme and event details at!/events/114762252027017/
With Matlock Bath being well served by public transport and accomodation readily available at this time of year, why not make a weekend of it.
Good news, that the band have been asked to play Glastonbudget on The Late May Bank Holiday Weekend, with a Steampunk stage being vaunted for one of the days.
More good news, with Gripper And The Gurnards confirming their appearance at "The Day Of The Dog" fundraiser at The fishpond in Matlock Bath on Apri 13th. More on that next week.
Also whilst on fundraising, a reminder that the site at is still open for about another month, if you fancy a visit.
A quick return to 2007. With a warning that the content may conjure up images, you may sooner avoid.
Dale had retired early to bed, with his "hot toddy" to sweat out his "flu symptoms".
At around 3am, he is thrust back into conciousness, sweating profusely and how can we put it delicately, as they say "with both ends burning" and yes it's now an obvious bout of acute food poisoning, courtesy of the Jagerschnitzel.
The following morning it's a visit to the doctors, in search of "industrial strength" drugs. All of which, show no immediate, remedial effect. Almost on the point of halucination and barely capable of motion, the following nights gig comes under some doubt.
The day of the gig brings some improvement, in Dale's wellbeing and the ever resourceful Axel appears with some giant sized nappies. For emergencies, you know.
So the show at Funambules in Lubeck goes ahead, indeed goes very well, marred only by the benappied Dale feeling less than comfortable. His predicament is made more exsaparating, since the crowd contains a lot of nice young ladies, who dance close to the stage and smile pleasantly at the band.
However their illusions are somewhat shattered as upon the sets conclusion,  Dale grabs another huge nappie and heads for the facilities. Leaving the ladies bemused and considering the possibility of strange sexual tendencies or deeply rooted mental problems. Eiether way Axel and Stefan are laughing far too heartily to consider offering an explanation.
That Ladies and Gentlemen is how Dale acquired his alter name "Lieutenant Jager Schnitzel"


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