BB Blackdog-Back In Black(Market Venue)

Pictures courtesy of Laurine Clifford Photography

    The band caught in the act Friday at The Exile Festival. Another excellent show from BB Blackdog and Demolitia Tribal and opportunity to impress in front of a wider audience.

   Whilst the weather was fairly kind in Darley Dale last weekend the same can not be said for Dolgellau, out on the Welsh coastline, where BB were destined to make their next festival appearance of the summer. The event being called off even before last weekend.

   Still it is an ill wind as they say, which blows no good and the cancelation has afforded the opportunity to appear at the charity gig, at The Black Market Venue, Market Warsop near Mansfield, which is Mike's home town.

   Entry is £3, split between Epilepsy Research and combat Stress, for Party In The market from 7pm until midnight.  Battle Of The Bands, featuring 8 local acts, competing for The Paul Newbury Prize, runs up until six, starting at midday.

   In the evenning the band are joined by Crimson Circle, White Noise Coalition, Brad dear and Callum Land.

  Looking a little further ahead, a rather fascinating engagement in September just booked , as part of the entertainment at The Official Monster Raving Loony party Conference in Uttoxeter, Staffs.
    Back on the subject of festivals again. With so many relatively large festivals within Derbyshire alone, whichever events you subscibe to, why not lobby for the inclusion of more of our broad range of local talent. For sure BB could appeal to a wide range of audiences and the quality of local acts goes deep.
    So how about some showcases at Bloodstock, Bearded Theory, Y Not or Off The Tracks.


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