BB Blackdog- Taken To Extra Time And Penalties

                       BB Blackcat showing support for her canine counterpart.

   A weekend of frustrations for the band last weekend. But hey you know what they say "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Additional bands booked on Friday and the constraints of time added up to the band not taking to the stage until midnight and although a well received performance, it did make for an extremely late return home. Also alas, since the girls had to be at work early on the Saturday the much anticipated collaboration with Hell On High Heelz was also put on hold.

   Saturday night saw another unforeseen occurrence, playing in Sheffield the band were asked to go on stage first so that local followers of Kartica would stay around at the venue. No problem, say our happy to oblige troubadours. The only problem was that the crowd dwindles, sinc unbeknown to most concerned, is that against all the odds and credit to them, Chelsea are taking Bayern the distance on their home ground in the Euro Cup final and the game is on screen next door. Penalty competition resolved and a substantial crowd return for the closing three numbers.

   Now the good news. Whilst not yet officially a Blackdog Mike Bower is playing well on low bass and enjoying the experience. I noticed on a facebook pos,t Mike is now in command of 27 BB songs and speaking to Dale at the weekend, we can now expect some new songs along with some old gems dusted down to appear in the forthcoming shows.

   On the subject of collaborations, the band were extremely pleased to meet Professor  Elemental, chap hopper, at the recent Cornish Steampunk festival and are looking to possibly hook up in the future. One potential is as two of the genre's leading lights, to champion a Steampunk compilation album between them.

  Regarding release's the final edit of the live footage from The Snooty Fox show is all but completed.

  Axel has taken paraffin budgie back to Germany this week for a short home break, so no live outings this weekend. He will be back refreshed for a busy time over the Bank Holiday weekend, four shows including two on Monday all in Derbyshire



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