(Un)interesting facts about bb blackdog

Here's a few (Un)interesting facts about BB BlackDog.

All counted since June 2007 when we did our first Gigs and set up the Myspace account.

Adverage Milage each member has covered for the Band 22,670 Miles

93 Live Gigs including 5 Festivals, totaling over 195 Hrs on Stage (we like to play 3 hrs sets, but most venues won't let us)

165 Studio Hrs, all at Rosenquartz Studio Lubeck

62 Songs Written and recorded

Adverage time to write and practice a new Song, 4 Hrs

Adverage Time to record and mix a new Song 2 Hrs 10 Mins

Airplay on 26 different Radio stations we know of, from England and Germany to America, Greece and Australia.

Videos played on 5 different Digital and internet TV Channels. Highest viewing figures just over 6000.

Live stream of broadcast Quality Feed (1st in Europe) of a full show.

157,000+ Myspace Plays

181,000+ Myspace Views

12,000+ Myspace friends

3500+ Video Views on Youtube, and more on Dailymotion

Over 11,000 people have read our blogs on Myspace, Wordpress, Blogger,

BB BlackDog in the UK use a customised ex R.A.C. Mercedes Vito Van, with room for both flight cases and 6 seats, Runs on up to 75% Veg oil 25% Diesel Mix, for economy and enviromental reasons.

In Germany, BB BlackDog use a V.W. transporter with 5 seats + bed and sink.

Stefan plays, in the UK a Custom Built 5 string (extra low B string) Black BeckerGitarrenbau Bass with a Boss Blues Overdrive.

In Germany he uses a Custom Built 5 String (extra Low B string) Brown Beckergitarrenbau Bass with a Boss Blues overdrive.

Axel in the UK Plays a Custom Built Pink Yamaha Drum Kit,

In Germany he uses a custom Sonor Kit in Yellow or a Carbon Kit in Black

Dale Uses a custom Built Beckergitarrenbau 4 string Bass in the UK with built in Distortion, plus a Dunlop CryBaby Guitar Wha Pedal. Also and AKG pro Mike

In Germany he uses a customised Rickenbacker 4001(fret board extended to 24 frets, and cut out to reach, plus a Dunlop CryBaby guitar wha pedal and a Boss Blues overdrive. Also an AKG pro Mike.

In UK and Germany BB BlackDog use up to 3 Bose L1 Stick systems with 4 bass boosters per stick as back line and/or P.A. as required.


Axel 6 feet 9 inch..s

Dale 6 feet 2 inch..s

Stefan 5 Feet 10 inch..s

They all weight just under 13 Stone

BB BlackDog have played with PUNK, INDIE, METAL, ALTERNATIVE and BLUES bands, being hard to catagerise themselves Venues and promoters have put them with a variety of supports and nights, but they managed to rock the house anyway.

3 Different support bands have played GHOSTBUSTERS THEME in their set.

So Far BB BlackDog have only played in 3 European countries, England, Germany and Austria.

Largest Audience so far 550 (could be more at some of the festivals, but 550 sellout paid when we headlined "Gromitz goes rock" and it was indoor so verified

Smallest So far 8 (we sold 6 cd..s and 3 Tshirts though)

Won Best Sleeze band of 2007 in the TOTAL ROCK awards


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