A Rock band with 2 Bass’s and no guitars !!!!!

A Rock band featuring 2 Germans and 1 Englishman !!!!!

Crazy start to new Band, Dale met Stephan through a friend while partying in Germany, they’d been in loads of bands (probably sold 200 thousand albums between them, Incubator, SuperKraut, DragonStar, The Happy CitiZens etc)
Stefan now looking after his young girl, (single Dad,) and making amazing hand crafted Guitars for a living.
Dale selling musical Instruments, and doing session work to pay the Bills, living in The Derbyshire Countryside.

One Day Stefan say’s, hey It’s my birthday next week Dale, fancy coming over to Germany, we’ll have 3 days in my mates Studio, write and record a few songs with no Guitars, just 2 bass’s and drums, you can play lead bass and Sing.
Well, they had a good time, stuck some songs on web sites and F**k me Loads of people liked them.
No1 on,,
and high on Bandwagon, Extraplay, britband, garageband etc.
All with a dodgy mixed, fast recorded Demo made for a laugh.

So BB Blackdog was born, they booked more studio time, arranged for proper website’s, T-shirt’s and all the shit that goes with it.
They have now completed 4 Albums in the studio, and played tours of the UK and Germany, developing an exciting live show.
Having a catalogue of 44 original and diverse songs, they can modify their live sets to please most audiences, but always keep the trademark BB BlackDog Sound.

All this in a total of 52 Days together, proves their work ethic, and professional attitude.

With UK, and German Gigs booked for 2008 including the MAP, Ashleyhay and Hilltop Festivals , it looks to be the year they break into the spotlight.
The new songs are Kicking, especially liked in Germany.
The permanent addition of Giant Axel Boldt on Drums completed the line up.

Three old Rockers, who don’t even speak the same Language, (Dales German is shite, Stefan’s English is hardly perfect, Axels a bit better),
It’s a 3 piece with 2 Bass’s, But Its Works, Thank F**K FOR ROCK!

Cheers For Reading.


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